Small-scale systems



PP module - overview

This plant is an independent working aquarium unit with compact footprint, integrated water circulation system and integrated biological and UV filtering system (no extra space for the filtering units needed!).

In its standard version this unit has 8 tiers upon-the-other for the use of exchangeable transparent plastic made AquaBoxes.
But it is possible to plan it for your specific individual needs (e.g. six rows high, smaller width ...).

The water supply and flow for each box is adjustable with single supply valves for each box.
Due to your individual requirements, each tier can be filled with AquaBoxes 1 / 3 / 5 / 7 / 10 or 15 in all versions. (Complete usable water content depends on individual equipping.)

The water circulation inside the aquarium unit works independent and no matter how much AquaBoxes are in use. Normally, each AquaBox can be placed freely to each position inside the rack.

For individual day/night cycles our "PP module" can be upgraded with roller blind and blackout shields or in combination with a LED lighting system.
We can also configurate it with conductivity and/or pH controller.
Reverse osmosis systems, fine and carbon filters are available, too.

Delivery will be piped & plug-in ready: connect the PP module to the on-site supply and waste water with additional pipe material.
And plug-in the power plug into a power socket near the module - no installation on our part is needed on-site (but can be offered, if requested).

PP module - with additional options

Basic module contents:

  • Polypropylene (PP) shelf unit
    with eight tiers for AquaBoxes
    measurements: 150x47x220cm
    (width, depth, height)
  • One set of AquaBoxes
    with lids and sieves included!
    (Please choose AquaBoxes for your individual need)
  • Integrated “BioFilter unit”
    (placed in shelf unit base):
    energy saving gravity filtering system
    (filter material included)
    with integrated slurry and pump chamber
  • UV sterilizer, 24 watts
    (space-saving installation directly above the “BioFilter unit”
  • Heating system
    (2x titanium heater, 300 watt & "T-Controller HC")
  • suitable feeding pump “6.000” (placed inside pump chamber)
  • Water meter for water inflow monitoring
  • Programmable time switch clock (timed start/auto stop & manual water inflow possible) for water change/freshwater inflow exactly to the time you want, or you need it
  • Mechanical float switch for automatically water refill, if there is evaporation or more water demand (e.g. for new placed AquaBoxes)
  • All needed water piping inside the aquarium system (Material for install piping connections to on-site water supply and drain connections is needed additionally!)

See also examples of our custom built "PP modules" to get an idea of individual versions:

Please contact us for further information and an individual offer.
We are happy to help you!