Company Profile - Experience and Know-how



50 years of
experience and know-how
in building individual, custom-made research systems

With an experience for about 50 years in producing hand-made customized glass aquariums and terrariums, glass aquatic display racks for the retailing industry, customized aquarium furniture and filtering units, customized small-scale and large-scale installations
the company

Aqua Schwarz GmbH
in Göttingen (Lower Saxony, Germany)
develops and produces
individual research arrangements
for Zebrafish, Xenopus, Axolotl
and many other aquatic animals as well...

Zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Claw frogs (e.g.Xenopus laevis)

Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum)

All our installations and services
are carried out with
our in-house, well-trained, and
experienced service technicians.

All over the world,
but always made in Germany!

With the Max-Planck-Institute for Developmental Biology in Tübingen (Germany) we have developed the first Zebrafish facility worldwide. Production and installation were carried out in 1992.

Our qualified team guarantees in cooperation with the researchers and corresponding to the individual requirements of our customers a high qualitiy and a maximum security of the facilities.

With our technical knowledge and long experience we provide control and security systems which catched up all possible faults of the electronical devices of the facilities. It guarantees the security of your research projects. We develop, produce and take care of appropriate solutions for the different requirements.

Since first of May 2010 the sole trader company Aquarien-Bau Schwarz, Klaus-Jürgen Schwarz, e.K. is handed over to the company Aqua Schwarz GmbH with all its rights and obligations. Please find all information about the new company at the CONTACT and IMPRINT pages.

You do research...
       ... we take care of technology