We offer LED lights, which are especially adapted for the use as illumination of Aqua Schwarz aquarium systems.

These LED lights can be installed in nearly each aquarium system type, because their length can be adjusted for each project.

Due to the fact that day and night cycles and dimming times can be programmed by the customer, a change and adjustment of the lighting conditions in the aquarium system is possible at any time. 

The LED light has a slender and lightweight lamp housing for a space saving installation.
This space saving design and installation ensures a maximum ease of animal care and system maintenance without barriers.

Basic specifications:

  • Position of the LEDs inside of the lights are adapted to the use in Aqua Schwarz aquarium systems
  • The length of the lamp can be adapted to the respective aquarium system - this makes it possible to install them in nearly each aquarium system type
  • Light color of the LEDs is adapted to the use for freshwater aquarium systems (other LED colors for e. g. seawater systems are available on request ...)
  • Together with the LED lightning control, following programs are possible:
    > automatic simulation of natural light conditions for day and night
    > sunrise and sunset simulation (with dimming)
    > cloud- / thunderstorm-simulation (random generator, intensity adjustable)
  • Ligthing control with illuminated display shows actual program status
  • Installation of the LED lights will be done with special designed space saving holders at the highest possible position within each tier:
    > for nearly to zero operating space reduction above the aquariums resp. AquaBoxes
    > and for the possibility to shift the LED lights from back to front for illumination adjustments

  • Lamp housing of the LED light is a stable, slender aluminum body
    > with best heat regulation, because of the aluminum
    > with anodized light body coating for maximum resistance (marine water resistant according to DIN 81249-1 as well)
    > with a shock-resistant, super clear acrylic protection glass pane (super clear LEXAN® acrylic glass for almost perfect translucence with high shock-resistant characteristics)
    > whole light body is dust- and waterproof (IP67 according to DIN EN 60529)
    > with a special membrane installed in the body as a guarantee for constant conditions inside the lamp (this ensures a pressure balance and therefore prevents moisture ingress and the formation of condensation with resulting moisture damage)

  • LED lights are connected to the lightning control with a plug connection (4-pole-plug): this makes it easy to change each single LED light, if necessary 

LED basic data:

  • LED with very good color reproduction up to CRI 90
  • LED lifetime approx. 60.000 hours
  • energy saving of up to 50%, when compared with fluorescent lamps while still achieving the same level of lumen output

Please ask us for more information and prices: info@aquaschwarz.com