Small-scale systems



Stand-alone "XENOPUS RACK X50"

> equipped with non-removeable glass tanks
> for research, husbandry and breeding of Xenopus spp.

Because of the included bio filter, the small distribution tank, the UV lamp and the circulation pump in its own pump tank it is a self-sufficient working system.

To adapt the different water temperature to the individual needs of the different frog species it is possible to equip the system with a cooling or heating device or with a titanium heater system (additional equipment).
The standard version contains three non-removable glass aquaria with a water level of approx. ten centimeters and a water net volume of approx. 50 liters.
By the additional equipping of the glass aquaria with perforated plates (special accessories) it is possible to separate the aquaria in different sections.

The water supply of the glass aquaria is at the back side over single water-supply lines for flow control at each aquarium. The drains are at the back side over drainpipes with two different kinds of slits for drain and water level control.
Each aquarium is equipped with a relocatable limpid lid with grip for simplest use and easy maintain of the animals.

The periodical water exchange is made automatically by a timer controlled solenoid valve at the programmed times. The time switch clock is a part of the standard delivery content.

The basic module could be extended with the extension module up to an aquaria facility with three modules.

Up to two extension modules could be connected to the water circulation system of one basic module. Filtering and water treatment will be done by the technical part of the basic module.

Content of basic version:

  • shelf unit
  • three glass tanks
  • bio filter unit
  • slurry chamber
  • UV sterilizer
  • circulation pump
  • small water distribution tank
  • three limpid lids
  • water exchange via programmable timer
  • WITHOUT illumination (optional equipment)

Basic measurements:
107 x 55 x 290 cm

The following additional and extra equipment is possible:

  • cooling device "TITAN 500"
  • TITAN heat exchanger "TWT 35"
  • heating system with titanium heaters
  • fine filter
  • filling station (e.g. with 1 outlet)
  • illumination
  • pH and conductivity controllers
  • activated carbon filter