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Water treatment &
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The water, which enters the aquarium facilities from outside during periodically water changes and automatically water volume adjustments of the facilities, can be a "problem":
It can produce changes of the water parameters inside of the facilities, which in the worst case, can be harmful to the animals you keep.
Therefore, this inflowing water should have water parameters, which match nearly or are easily adjustable to the water parameters inside the facilities.

We recommend to use additional water treatment systems with storage tanks instead of a direct inflow to the aquarium facilities from out of e.g. on-site tap water lines, if it is not possible to get on-site pre-treated water.

Another advantage is: when using water storage tanks, the aquarium system is less dependent on the in-house water supply.
It makes sure, that there is always enough water is stored and available for periodically water changes and automatically water volume adjustments of the aquarium systems.

We offer small and large-scale water treatment systems, which are adapted to the different sizes of our aquatic research facilities. The integrated water storage tanks of the water treatment systems are starting from approx. 200 liters and can go up to 2,000 liters per water storage tank.
By using two ore more storage tanks in combination, the total water volume has (nearly) no limitation.
But the actual needed total water volume depends on the size of the connected aquarium system.

If you like to use osmosis water in your water treatment system and you don't have the opportunity to use osmosis water out of on-site water supply lines:
It is possible to install reverse osmosis units in different sizes (read more...).
These units produce osmosis water from out of tap water.
In the applications provided by us, the produced osmosis water is mostly filled in into the integrated water storage tanks of the water treatment systems.

The reverse osmosis units differ in the amount of osmosis water that they are able to produce (mostly given in "liters per hour" or "liters per day"...).
The effective needed size of the reverse osmosis unit depends on the size of the water storage tank(s) and/or the needed amount of osmosis water in your application per day.

The stored water can be treated by additives like salt mixtures for fresh and salt water to get the perfect pre-treated water for your aquarium facilities.

During periodically water changes in the aquarium facilities, the treated water is forwarded to the aquarium facilities via piping systems. This water is used for the automatically water content adjustment of the aquarium facilities as well.

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