Water treatment, measuring & control systems



Central Unit "mTRON"

You like to have all measured data of all facilities at a glance and in one place:
This is possible by using the Central Unit "mTRON" as extension for a number of "AquaTouch Controllers".

The Central Unit "mTRON" enables an optimal and orderly insight to the parameters of each single facility at one place.

Schematic diagram as an example for the use of the Central Unit
"mTRON" with multiple facilities:

It helps to get an easy overview about:

  •  all measured water parameters of all facilities
  •  all alarm notifications of all facilities, if they occur
  •  all service notifications of all facilities, if they occur

Basics, ethernet functions and more:

  • Measurement data visualization, operation & configuration
    via 8,4" TFT touch screen
  • Configurable user rights on 3 different levels
  • Customer-specific process pictures
    adapted to the setup of the customer's facility
  • Integrated web server for remote accesss
  • Access and alarm notifications by email
  • Tamper-proof long-time storage of all collected data

Please ask us for more information and prices: info@aquaschwarz.com  We will be happy to help you!