Mobile Wagon for "SpawningBoxes"

It is possible to order the "Mobile Wagon for SpawningBoxes" for different SpawningBoxes with adjusted clear heights between the tiers (adapted to the SpawningBox you want to use...).
Further it is possible to modify the height, depth and width of the "Mobile wagon" itself to fit it into the dedicated place.
Our "Mobile Wagon for SpawningBoxes" is always safe and easy to handle.

Please contact us for an individual offer.
We are happy to help you!

Example: "Mobile Wagon for SpawningBoxes 1"
Our "Mobile Wagon for SpawningBoxes 1" is complete filled with 200x “SpawningBox 1” on 40x limpid PVC trays.
Each of these PVC-trays holds five "SpawningBoxes 1".

Mobile wagon for spawn boxes

By the use of these PVC trays it is possible to put the boxes fast and secure in and out of the mobile wagon.

In its standard version the mobile wagon has 10 tiers (11 tiers by the use of the cover plate) with the possibility to store four tablets on each tier. It is made of rectangular aluminium tubes, fixed with connectors (steel cored/plasticized).

The tiers are made of blue plastic made plates (PP plates).

Because of the fixed wheels (made of high grade steel, insensitive to water) and no lateral walls it’s possible to turn round the wagon and handle it from both sides.

Further the fixed wheels are fitted with parking breaks for secure use and safe support.

Standard content:

  • Mobile wagon "Spawning boxes 1"
    > measures: 115x47x188cm
    (width, depth, height)
  • 200 "SpawningBoxes 1"
    > complete with spawn insert
    > each with limpid lid (with lock against slip off)
  • 40 "PVC trays, limpid" (material thickness: 3mm)

Available as well:

  • separate, unequipped "Mobile wagon"
    (unequipped: without "SpawningBoxes 1" and "PVC trays")
  • "Mobile wagon" for each other spawning box - made to individual measures - contact us for more information...
  • spawn wad - used as a spawning aid

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