Water treatment, measuring & control systems



Water treatment, measuring
and control systems

The integrated dry/wet bio filtering systems of our aquarium facilities take care of the water treatment inside of the water circuits. Because of the installed filter foam mats and cubes, they act as bio filters, which allow the growing of aerobe and anaerobe bacteria. Because of this fact, they have a very high filtering capacity.

And with e.g. pH and conductivity measuring units it is possible to check, if the circulating water has suitable parameters for the animals you keep. They show constantly the actual water parameters of the water circuits on LED displays.

But the water, which enters the aquarium facilities from outside during water changes and automatically water volume adjustments of the facilities, can be a "problem": If this inflowing water will not have water parameters, which match nearly to the water parameters inside the facilities, it can produce changes of the water parameters, which in the worst case can be harmful to the animals you keep.

And if it is not possible to get on-site pre-treated water, we recommend to use additional water treatment systems with storage tanks instead of a direct inflow to the aquarium facilities from out of e.g. on-site tap water lines.

We offer small and large-scale water treatment systems, which are adapted to the different sizes of our aquatic research facilities.


Further, it is possible to install an additional water parameter measuring and/or a water parameter control system (dosing system) for the aquarium systems.


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